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Organize a Movie Screening

Tapestries of Hope

Tapestries of Hope is a feature-length documentary that reveals the story of human rights activist Betty Makoni and the Girl Child Network (GCN) in Zimbabwe, Africa. The documentary exposes the myth behind the belief that raping a virgin cures a man of HIV/AIDS. The film is co-written and directed by award winning filmmaker, Michealene Cristini Risley, co-written and produced by Susan Black, and also produced by Christopher Bankston, Anand Chandrasekaran, and Ray Arthur Wang.  To host a screening or learn more visit


Skype with Girls in a Zimbabwe Village


makoni_teachaids12A skype session can be arranged so you can have direct contact with a girl in the village you are helping.  The girls are very grateful for the work that is being done for them.  You will need to have your own Skype account set up on your computer to do this.

Library Book Collection

Contributing to the library at the Girls Empowerment Villages can be such a wonderful gift.  A book collection can be done as an individual or as a group.

Here are some suggestions on how to do a book collection.

Get a box about 18 x 4 x 12.  Make sure the box  does not say “Priority” or “First Class” or they will cost much more to mail.  In the United States, the most affordable way to ship is from a United States Post Office.  Mailing can be expensive so doing smaller packages spread out of time, is easier to do.

USPS Customer Declaration Form CN 22

USPS Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note CP 72
the forms do changes, so check with your local USPS.

You can ask people to stick $1 with the books they drop off. This will help pay the postage.

These forms are available at the United States Post Office

Rescue Package Collection

Rescue Package Collection

Research GCN online and put together  a slideshow on your laptop. Share the images & talk to people about GCN to educated them on the needs of the girls.

If your church or temple, has a day when   people do good deeds, you might be able to set up an educational table.  Try & collect $14 from families.  

When girls arrive at a GCN Empowerment Village, they receive a rescue kit.  It includes: oil, corn meal, sugar, soy, soap, vaseline and sanitary pads.  These supplies last the girls a few months and costs $14 to put together.